Kumiko panel

Kumiko is a japanese woodworking technique used in shoji (sliding doors).
I've made this panel as a decoration for our living room.
In the process I've also created a web application to ease the design of kumiko.

Model of Japanese temple beam support structure

Intrigued by the beautiful joinery of Japanese temples I decided to build a small scale model of the support structure in tulipwood.

Jewelry box

A very compact jewelry box that I made for my girlfriend. It was made as flat as possible so it could easily be used as a travel case.
The flower relief was made using my CNC machine. The decorative strip of wood is padouk.

Jewelry box (inside)

The inside of the jewelry box is covered in red felt to protect the jewelry. The removable tray fits inside the box to store some extra necklaces.
The cutouts are made with my CNC machine as well.

Key holder

Most key holders on the market don't look very attractive. Because I really like the design of classic keys I designed this key holder to hold the keys that we often use.
The base has magnets built in to quickly grab the keys but keep a sleak look


The first Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-Ass Students became well known because of the visit of Stephen Hawking. The organizers of the league asked me to create a trophee that looked like the logo of PLANCKS (shown in the right corner).

The relief and text are created using my CNC machine. A nice detail are the square nails made by grinding standard nails in a diamond shape.

Wooden headphones

I made this set of wooden headphones because I wanted to have nice and warm looking color and most of the headphones on the market are plastic and black, which didn't really fit my wishes.
The wood is from on old taxus tree we used to have in our front yard. I love the warm color of taxus wood.

Waterdrops in wood

As an experiment of the relief carving capabilities of my CNC machine I created this waterdrop pattern in wood.
The details are pretty rough, but nevertheless the end result looks quite liquid for a wooden piece.
The piece is decorated with a marble ball, that never had a good place to be displayed...

Small kumiko panel

To try out some new patterns, I've made this little kumiko panel.